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Miami Location: 2275 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 1 Miami, FL 33137                                                   

Ph: 305 672 0773  Fax: 305 672 0874  E-Mail:



A gated townhome community in the heart of Miami's Design District 

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A townhome community in the heart of bustling Miramar, fl

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   Our Services

La Playa Properties has established itself as the industry leader in the South Florida Real Estate Market. With over 2 billion dollars in sales since 1996, La Playa Properties’ most important asset is our commitment to the on-going professional development of our sales team. Indeed, the invaluable “in house” expertise which has been built over years it’s only a phone call away from any La Playa partner; be it a sales team member or a client. In short, our world class sales group and extensive organizational resources will not only inform, but guide you through all aspect of your Real Estate transaction.

Moreover, the relationships La Playa Properties has established within the South Florida’s Real Estate community allow us to present our clients with the most complete supply of Residential and Commercial properties covering Miami and the Beaches.

Marketing Strategies:

The digital age has brought about advancements in quality production and mass distribution that not long ago were little more than a dream. Professionally produced videos, multi-media presentations, targeted digital distributions; these are the sales tools of not just tomorrow but of today as well. At La Playa Properties, we have capitalized on this digital revolution in order to offer the most complete and up to date package of marketing strategies that are years ahead of the other players in the South Florida Market.